EMR standardization service enables to standardize milk mid infrared (MIR) spectra directly at the sources, across milk labs, brands and models of spectrometers.


MIR technology is more and more used to develop new algorithms for the detection of specific milk components and the prediction of complex phenotypes related to animal’s physiology. However, for new milk components it is difficult and sometimes impossible to use specific calibration solutions, especially because the multiplication of calibration solutions is not a sustainable solution in the lab. Moreover it is impossible to use such calibration solution for the new physiological indicators of the animal. It’s obvious for example that there is no possibility to calibrate a solution based on the methane emissions of the animal.

Standardization represents the mean for implementing prediction of a wide range of new phenotypes from the milk spectrum on a routine basis in the lab.CRA-W is the technical operator of the EMR standardization service which is based on the modelling of EMR virtual Master apparatus (see Publications

EMR EEIG standardization service enables to standardize milk Mid Infrared spectra directly at the source. This brings a global solution to input milk labs’ results into recent algorithms that predict new molecules or physiological indicators of dairy cows, and for which there is no way to use usual calibration procedures based on calibration solutions and slope and bias correction. For example we strongly recommend to use a method to insure good predictions with fatty acids, minerals, acetone, BHB or methane equations. Standardization is one of the solutions for that.

  • A total of 102 FT-MIR apparatus are currently in EMR EEIG’s standardization network

  • EMR delivers the standardization service to its members

  • Interested companies which are not members can buy the standardisation and prediction services

3 main arguments
  • Comparable results over time and across labs, brands and models of spectrometers.
  • Development of algorithms which are accurate and useable everywhere.
  • Potential utilization of the same algorithms everywhere.
Standardization: All-inclusive price of 3,245 € per machine and per year
  • Provision of ring test samples, once a month (5 samples per machine).
  • Modelling and provision of the standardization coefficients based on EMR Master apparatus, once a month, to standardize the spectra of each local instrument.
  • Monitoring of the stability of each instrument on a daily basis through daily check samples (UHT) and our web-application.
  • Data exchanges through our web service and technical support.
  • Opportunity to receive access to models for the prediction of the status of a cow (additional service offering).

To get access to the prediction service, additional fee is required (330€/ prediction pack)

EMR EEIG prediction service
  • In addition to the standardisation service, you have the possibility to get access to prediction of molecules
  • The accuracy of the different predicitons is available here
  • Price : 330€ per pack/analyser/year
  • During the 1st year, you can access the 4 packs by paying only one

Pack A Methane emission
Fatty acids in milk
Pack B BHB in milk
Acetone in milk
Citrates in milk
Pack C Minerals in milk
Lactoferrin in milk
Pack D BHB in blood
NEFA in blood


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The triple objective is to obtain similar spectra overtime, across models of machine, and across brands of machine. The network is comprised with around 65 MIR spectrometers in 25 milk laboratories.

We’ve proven that the standardisation of machines is mandatory :

The OptiMIR network involves Milk Recording Organisations and Research Partners. It’s an innovative framework for the development of dairy farm management tools based on MIR technology.



Available predictive equations (2015) :

  • Milk concentrations of Ca, P, Na, K, Mg
  • Milk concentrations of Fatty Acids (e.g. C10, C12, C14, C18:1cis9…)
  • Milk concentrations of BHB, Acetone and Citrate
  • Methane emissions
  • Warning indicator of sub-clinical ketosis based on milk BHB and Acetone

Predictive equation in progress and expected soon :

  • Warning indicator of energy deficit based on milk BHB, Acetone, Citrate, C10, C12, C14 and C18:1cisC9
  • Warning indicator of sub-clinical ketosis based on spectral variations
  • Warning indicator of disturbed energy balance based on spectral variations

Predictive equation in progress and expected in longer term :

  • Pregnancy monitoring tool based on spectral variations
  • Warning indicator of sub-clinical acidosis based on spectral variations
  • Warning indicator of disturbed energy balance based on spectral variations